Adorable Pet Lodge
Adorable Pet Lodge
For your dog’s comfort, security and well-being, individual indoor/outdoor facilities are provided. The inside is heated, and the outside is completely covered so the dog has access to fresh air but is protected from inclement weather. Fresh cedar shavings are used on the outdoor cement portion so the dog is never on cold, wet, rough cement. Dogs can go in or out at will during the day, and will have much interaction and stimulation with the staff.

Separate heated indoor quarters are also provided for cats and other small critters, and they too receive attention and interaction. All pets are provided with clean bedding, food and water daily. Cleaning and disinfecting are done on a daily basis. We feed a balanced high protein diet but if you prefer to keep your pet on his own diet you may bring that food in and we will feed per your instructions. You may also bring in “comfort items” - your pet’s own washable bedding, as well as treats or toys.
Adorable Pet Lodge
DOGS (over 6 months of age) - $29.00.
PUPPIES (from 4 months to 6 months) - $33.00
CATS - $20.00.
DAY CARE - $22.00.

Call for Special Promotions, Long-term Discounts, and Multiple Pet Discount information.
(All fees are per calendar day, no matter what time in or out.)
First time customers must pay at time of drop off. There are additional charges for medications, walks, playtimes, destructive or difficult to handle pets.
We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, and local checks with ID.
Adorable Pet Lodge
For their protection all dogs and cats must be current on their vaccinations for the contagious diseases including bordetella, as well as rabies. These must be verified with your veterinarian on a yearly basis prior to boarding. You may have your vet fax us the records - (206) 246-0788.

Reservations for boarding are strongly recommended. We also have special reservation requirements to guarantee space for holiday periods, and holiday rates may apply. And once you become a regular customer, we always try to save space for your pets. At the time of any check-in, please also let us have any additional information about your pet that enables us to take better care of him, as well as phone numbers and emergency contacts.

Prices include nail trimming, ear cleaning. This can be arranged to be done while your pet is with us, or you may call for an appointment. Prices vary depending on size of pet, length and condition of the coat and the style done.